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Alex resides in Kaneohe Oahu and has begun his real estate journey after 10 years of military service. With a strong sense of curiosity and love for the Hawaiian Islands his goal is to help others find their affinity for the Hawaiian lifestyle.

Whether you are a fellow service member seeking a home of your own, or an investor looking to buy in an exciting market, Alex will ensure your real estate goals are met. He currently specializes in rentals and sales, as well as having the capabilities and skills to assist you in either maintaining or renovating your property.

Why choose Alohana Realty?

You may be asking what’s the benefit of hiring a small locally owned brokerage to help you buy, sell or rent. There are many benefits of choosing Alohana Realty to assist you in your real-estate goals! Our president Kevin Taylor has more than 25 years of real estate experience on the island of Oahu, and is in direct communication with all of his realtors. All of whom are eager and willing to ensure you get the most fulfilling and professional experience possible.

This level of investment and attention to detail ensures that you will have a personalized experience that matches your needs and unique circumstances. Many large real estate brokerage firms have multiple barriers that separate the client from higher levels of management. This leads to rigid policies and contracts, slow moving decision making and little to no investment in the client’s real estate experience.

Why choose a Property Manager?

If you are planning on leaving the island but want to rent out your property, Hawaii law dictates you must have an on-Island representative to manage your property. With Alohana Realty we also have the freedom to tailor contracts and agreements with our owners to best suit their property management needs. Many large property management companies on O’ahu have fixed contracts for all their clients and only care about their bottom line. This leads to poor management, slow reaction times and careless decision making on behalf of their clients.

Alohana Realty is extremely selective in who we decide manage for. We ensure to first establish realistic expectations and a good rapport with prospective clients. We strive to be the best fit for our clients and ensure their properties are safe, well maintained and a reliable source of income.

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